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Mission Statement

To maximize every students’ potential for success in adult life, the Career and Transition Centers (CTCs) of the LAUSD provide rigorous vocational training and instructional programs for students with disabilities, 18-21 on the Alternate Curriculum. The individualized instructional program is designed to maximize student independence, increase vocational skills, provide preparation for adult life, and strengthen connections to adult support services.  The CTC is the center of a wheel of options that prepares students to become contributing members of society, while enlightening the community to the value that people with disabilities have to society. Using assessment and standards-based and targeted instruction, students are provided training on the CTC campuses and given real-world work experiences at local businesses and job sites. These post-high school opportunities for students to develop pre-employment, employment, self-care and self-advocacy skills maximize their potential to participate fully and successfully in their communities.

Vision Statement

We are dedicated to:

  • Learning together
  • Striving for Success
  • Fostering Mutual Patience and Trust
  • Providing Learning Opportunities
  • Compassionately Guiding Every Child to Achieve a Quality of Life



Today: 6/22/18

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